Parcel Deliveries In Singapore

Here are some of the most important things you might want to note down if you need to get your parcel(s) delivered within Singapore. Some of them have to do with the different levels of services that couriers usually provide for local deliveries within the island of Singapore and the other points got to do with the prices.

First of all, most courier companies charge different pricing levels when it comes to parcels or boxes. This is because they are definitely considered bulky, and are not suited for motorcycles to transport around. Hence, only car drivers or van deliverymen are able to transport these goods. Because these drivers’ costs are also higher, they demand for more salary and thus the courier companies would need to pass you some costs too or they may not even break-even.

However, did you also know that even for parcel deliveries, there are different costs for different sizes and weight? Yes, they differentiate into weight and dimensions.

So basically, if your parcel is really bulky, e.g. the height + width + breadth is more than 1.5m, you generally need to pay a lot more – because sometimes even a car cannot fit that in.

Also, if your goods / parcel is relatively small or normal sized but extremely heavy (e.g. you may be delivering weights), then it can cost you quite a lot but that is just what you need to accept to deliver these goods. This is also the case with international courier companies like Fedex and DHL.

Another special thing you may want to note when it comes to parcel deliveries is that for business owners who sell or need to deliver such goods on a regular basis, you should instead go for a long-term contract with a reliable courier company instead. This is because doing so would be able to help you lower your costs truly significantly. Sometimes, courier companies like PCA Masters will waive your inner and outer outskirts fees and that is potentially a lot of good and decent sized savings which will go a long way in improving your profit margins for your business.

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