Courier Deliveries For E-Commerce Biz

If you have not already known, it is the age of the Internet! Therefore, there are lots of businesses in Singapore (other than yours) which are also constantly selling without a physical retail location – for example through an E-commerce website.

For these E-commerce businesses, because there is usually only a warehouse (or some businesses may even be operated from their homes), they offer deliveries to their customers for their goods. However, for the people who are first time entrepreneurs or whom have been delivering their own goods thus far until the E-commerce delivery volumes are now too high, here are some tips to help you get good dispatch services for e-commerce deliveries in Singapore.

There is always discount for bulk deliveries. However, there are many ways in which different courier companies in Singapore will define this.

First of all, a courier company may define bulk deliveries as a high volume of deliveries in generally no matter where the pick up and receiving end is.

Secondly, another courier company may define bulk deliveries as picking up a large amount of goods all in one day and then delivering at other timings.

You want to make sure that for your business, you go for courier companies which define high volume deliveries as the second one and gives you discount based on that one. This is because as a E-commerce business owner, by working with a courier company like the second one, you would be able to reap many benefits and much more discounts. In the long term, these discounts will add up to give you a much higher profit margin!

Also, do note that for E-commerce deliveries, do not be too excited or lured wrongly by cheap prices based on letter deliveries. E-commerce deliveries are almost always classified under parcels and hence you would be quoted a different price. If you don’t tell this to your intended future service provider, they may quote you the wrong prices and give you unnecessary false hope.

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