Private Courier Companies Versus SingPost?

As a business who needs to get goods or letters delivered to your customers on a frequent basis, you must have considered hiring deliverymen of some sort (either in house or outsourced) or you would be unable to indefinitely grow your business as you only have 24 hours in a day and you need to spend some of your time working on marketing and growing your business rather than just delivering your goods.

However, in Singapore, there are many choices for you and some of you business owners may be spoilt for choice – should you pick private courier companies or should you pick the state-owned SingPost.

Let me list out the pros and cons of each of them.

Pros of private couriers:
– Generally cheaper
– Able to customize to your requirements (e.g. they are much more flexible when it comes to pick up timings e.t.c.)
– Offer lots of variety in levels of services (e.g. weekends, public holidays e.t.c. as long as you can work out a suitable deal with them)
– If there is anything, you can easily liaise with their boss as they generally have less than 50 admin staff.
– They can pick stuff up from your company.

Cons of private couriers:
– Not all of them are as efficient and effective. You need to know how to look for one with a good track record in business.
– Some of them do not have transparency in their pricing!

Pros of SingPost:
– Everyone has heard of it.
–¬†Easy to contact as there are many branches in Singapore.

Cons of SingPost:
– Very strict rules and they are not willing to bend for any business owner – you either take their rates and terms and conditions or you leave.
– Need to go down to a branch to deliver your goods (usually the case).

As you can tell, working with SingPost if good for your business if you have very straightforward deliveries with no hassles. In fact, I would recommend you to go with SingPost if that’s the situation with your company. However, if you are an E-commerce company or you simply prefer freedom, then certainly pick private courier companies in Singapore instead.

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