Need Last-Minute Deliveries?

Although I seriously recommend you to plan out all your deliveries at least one week in advance so that you can arrange your internal company’s logistics as well as re-ordering, invoicing e.t.c., there may just be accidental occasions where you would need that last minute delivery to be made. In such a situation, feel free to contact PCAMasters… one of the rare few companies which offer deliveries last minute also.. quite useful, do check them out if you need a last minute delivery in Singapore.

Here are however notes you must have:

  • When it comes to last minute deliveries, even top companies like Regent and PCA Masters also have their limit.. You can’t expect a person to deliver your goods in less than 30 minutes unless they happen to be on the way and the recipient is nearby. This is because if you were to deliver your goods across Singapore, the courier or otherwise rider / driver will need to travel to your place to have the item picked up. After which, they would then need to navigate in traffic to reach the destination. If your pick up and drop off points are far apart locations e.g. Changi Airport to Tuas, then it would take closer to 1-2 hours – that is also the reason why last minute deliveries are classified as between 1-2 hours in virtually every single case…
  • Some companies have cut-off deliveries for last minute or urgent delivery. This is normal and usually the case is approximately around 2 or 4pm. Of course, you can always last minute deliver at 6pm if you are prepared to fork out a lot more money. This is also because night deliveries (usually classified as anything that can only be collected/received after 6pm and to be delivered during the night) is usually much more expensive with a surcharge. But that’s reasonable.

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