How To Decide On A Good courier company?

If you have been asked by your boss, or you’re the boss and need to pick a good courier company to work with, here are some tips to ensure that you end up with a reliable and trusted courier company.

Step 1: Research and see who they’ve served before. Do they have any reviews on their websites or Facebook page or anything like that? Do they have a portfolio of past clients on their website e.t.c.? It’ll be good if they have and that will help you out a fair bit. In the event that they don’t, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Email them or call them. Are they responsive? The best courier firms in Singapore and the world are those which are very responsive to customers and potential customers like you. A good and reliable courier company will always have a prompt customer service support channel. Make sure that whichever company you’re thinking of working with has that. The worse thing that can ever happen when working with a courier company for your courier needs is an unresponsive company. Good luck dealing with that. Make sure that customer service support is at their priority, not driving prices down only for you!

Step 3: Most often, items which are couriered are important and urgent ones, otherwise, you might as well simply wait for your friend or colleague to pick up the items or mail it to them via snail mail. This is why you must work with a trusted courier company which is highly accountable and responsible. How do you know this? By checking step 2 and making sure that the courier firm is always transparent in their work with you. Even if a mess up happens, which may happen in certain circumstances, you need to know an honest answer from them, and not a lie. Lying is a big no-no when it comes to business relationships, or any relationships for that matter alone.

Step 4: Try them out. You never know if a courier company is good or bad until you try them out. Some sounds cheap on paper, but are terrible in service. Others sound reasonable in prices but are great in service like PCA Masters (eg Whatever it is, do not commit to huge amounts of regular deliveries unless they’ve proven themselves (e.g. either through reviews and/or strong brand and/or performed deliveries satisfactorily for you before).

Hopefully with the above tips, you would find picking the right courier company for your company a much easier decision.

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